‘I’m hoping in 20 years we’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.’

An article in the Calgary Herald newspaper this morning:



What is all the fuss about?  First of all, a definition of the word “fuss” is: “an excessive display of anxious attention oractivity; needless or useless bustle” (taken from Dictionary.com).  So, what is all the “fuss” about?  

Hmm.  How about the “fuss” about dangerous off-label hormones being given to children, adolescents and young adults?  How about the “fuss” about unnecessary and dangerous surgeries being done to otherwise healthy bodies?  How about all of the money being spent on this and the benefits gained by psychiatrists and surgeons?  How about the “fuss” about not digging deeper into what might be causing our healthy young people to suddenly believe that they need to “become” a different “gender”? (see my last post about the huge increase in numbers of “transgender” kids in the UK over such a short period of time).   How about the “fuss” about kids who are being confused by the messages they are exposed to on the internet and in the media? How about the “fuss” about kids and families spending countless hours trying to navigate in this already stressful world which now includes “multiple genders”?

Within this newspaper article, the newest youth (a 10 year old confused little boy) is being presented by his family, HOWEVER, the parents do not want their last names listed?  Why is that?  If this was a “normal” experience for children or an “usual” illness for children, being presented in the media/newspaper, I don’t believe last names being listed would pose a problem for most parents. In fact, in these cases, listing your last name might provide parents and families with more support from people who would otherwise not know them.  It’s sad that families who are trying to dig deeper into their children’s beliefs about being “transgender”, and avoid the possible pain and danger that off-label hormones and major surgeries can cause, are not supported.

“Social Justice” prevails.



One thought on “‘I’m hoping in 20 years we’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.’

  1. In twenty years we’ll know a lot more about the long-term effects of medically transitioning adolescents, that’s for sure. We’ll know more about just what it does to a child to radically interfere with the mental and physical changes and the emotional development that comes with natural puberty. And in another twenty years we may even have a much better idea of what the long-term effects of cross hormones are.

    Somehow I don’t think the phrase “what’s the big deal?” will apply.

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