I am a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, Registered Nurse.  I am a Christian but I am not so far right that I won’t tolerate differences in opinion or lifestyle.  I am looking for other parents with concerns about their teen daughters who recently have expressed that they have gender dysphoria and previously (before exploring the internet and other venues) did not express any concerns at all.  I am not a TERF and I dislike the term CIS.  I am female-bodied and my “gender” is just “me”.   Please respect that my situation may not be your situation and do not message me with hate-filled comments as these comments will be deleted.

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  1. Hello Dear Sister,

    I too am a Christian but also a single mom with health issues and a survivor of domestic violence.

    We live in Trans/LGBT “paradise”; aka,
    Portland Oregon and finding a good psychologist has been almost impossible.

    I’m wanting to start a group of local parents of ROGD teens in my area but don’t know where to begin…..

    Please reach out to me!!!

    The only support I have is from my church and though they’ve been wonderful…. something radical needs to happen.

    I’m almost considering Christian fostercare for my daughter until she’s 18, so that I’ll have the 2 years my doctors say it will take to reverse/heal my ailments as well as severe PTSD as I and my daughter suffered untold abuse by my husband.

    Any and all help is appreciated!!

    Kind Regards,
    Amy in Portland Oregon


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