Transing of Children, Teens and Young Adults is Inherently Wrong

I am furious about the cheer-leading being currently done by Transgender Advocates regarding children, teens and young adults. I have a huge problem with the expressed lack of concern over definite and possible negative effect of off-label drugs which are being prescribed for children, teens and young adults who are assessed to be uncomfortable with their gender role and/or gender nonconforming. These off label drugs are being prescribed NOT FOR THE PURPOSE THE DRUGS WERE INTENDED OR APPROVED FOR. I am also upset because surgeries such a mastectomies, hysterectomies, phalloplasties, vaginoplasities all have dangerous possible effects. And these surgeries are now being carried out on healthy young bodies.

With the “transing” of children, teens and young adults, using these medications and, sometimes undertaking these dangerous surgeries, the medical and pharmaceutical community is definitely creating a cohort of experimental medical patients. My life experience and medical/nursing education and experience scream at me that this increasing trend in care and “treatment” for children, teen and young adult “feelings”, is incredibly WRONG!!! Children, teens and young adults, because of their scientifically-known incomplete brain development are vulnerable to making decisions or having decisions made for them which will have unknown, un-predicted consequences. They have limited ability to think and understand long term consequences.

I have concerns, but I also do realize that once human brains become fully developed and people become fully functioning independent adults (usually by about mid-20s, but sometimes not until 30s or even older), it is up to them to make decisions about their bodies and lives. That being said, these adult people also need to be able to live with any consequences which result from the decisions they make. As adults, we all have this responsibility.

I’ve added some links below to these off label medications, which are currently being prescribed to children, teens and young adults. I know that it’s a lot of reading. Please read these articles thoroughly and critically and please understand that if these medications are prescribed to children, teens and young adults, because of their “feelings”, this usage of these medications has NO POSITIVE LONG TERM STUDIES TO BACK UP THEIR SAFETY. And think hard about this fact.

Here is FDA information about Lupron, as it is indicated for children:

Here is FDA information about Lupron, as it is indicated for adult male bodies:

**Note that Lupron is not approved by the FDA for use in children who are uncomfortable in their gender roles or are gender unconforming.

Here is the FDA approved information for Testosterone:

And a recent warning from the FDA about Testosterone:

**Note that the FDA does not approve of Testosterone for use in female bodies.

Here is FDA information about Estradiol (Estrogen oral):,084499s042,084500s044lbl.pdf

**Note that the FDA only approves Estradiol for use in men (male bodies) as treatment of advanced androgen-dependent carcinoma (cancer) of the prostate and only for palliation purposes ie end of life care.


We need to call breast-binding what it really is: Female Reproductive Mutilation. A Beautiful Feminist’s Viewpoint Worth Reading.

Yesterday I shared a post on the rise of breast binding among school-age females in the UK. I’m not supposed to call them young women. They’re non-binary individuals or trans men and that, we are supposed to think, is what makes the binding okay. Whatever the risks – “compressed or broken ribs, punctured or collapsed […]

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The adolescent trans trend: 10 influences


The below post is written by Overwhelmed,  4thWaveNow contributor and the mother of a teen daughter who insisted she was transgender, but who subsequently changed her mind. Other parents in the same situation have shared their experiences on 4thWaveNow, and a new research study (currently recruiting) is the first to systematically examine the phenomenon of “trans trending” amongst tweens and teens.

Trans activists and gender specialists constantly assure us that puberty blockers are harmless and “fully reversible.” They claim these drugs “buy time” for a young person to decide if they really are trans. But given that social transition + puberty blockers are followed in 100% of reported cases by cross-sex hormones (see here and here),  the “buying time” assertion deserves a lot more scrutiny. If there weren’t other forces at work (like social contagion and the conditioning effect of being validated in the idea that you…

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It’s Not Hate. It’s Love and Concern.

A key trans-activist political tactic is to accuse pediatric transition skeptics of “hating” trans kids. Nothing could be further from the truth. Far from hating gender-defiant young people who have been labeled transgender by the important adults in their lives, our interest is in protecting them from drastic medical interventions. Many who contribute to 4thWaveNow […]

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Sad today with a hurting heart and weary spirit

It has been a year and a half since my husband and I learned about what my daughter was thinking, researching and  what she believes about herself.  I have spent countless hours praying, thinking, crying, pleading, loving, regretting, worrying, feeling angry, helpless, hopeless.  I have lost 10 pounds which I didn’t need to lose- which do make my jeans fit a bit nicer but certainly doesn’t make my spirit brighter. I’ve lost countless hours of sleep and hours of joy.  I feel so sad, so worried, so tired.  My husband loves and  has concern for our daughter and loves and is concerned about me, but he is a “black and white” thinker -who is used to creating solutions which solve concrete problems.  This time something has happened and is happening to our daughter that we can’t fix.  It’s not a “solvable”problem.  And it’s something nobody else, no professional can or is willing to  help solve or fix.  As harsh as this will sound, it would have been easier if our daughter had cancer…there would be so much help for her and for us.  Because her situation is seen, by society, as “normal”, it is viewed as not needing to be “fixed”.  But, because I AM Mom, and because she is and always has been a part of my heart, and because I have seen and felt NO evidence past and present for this being “normal”,  I know that this needs to be “solved”. It needs to be fixed.  I am trying to rely on my faith in God and trust that my continual prayers, through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, will be heard by Him.  Trying to hold faith that “things will turn out okay” (a chinese fortune cookie paper, taped inside a cupboard in my bathroom—I read it every morning when I pull out my skin care products). As time passes and I see no positive signs, it is so hard to keep my faith.  I have to cling to it with all of my heart. I have to fight the thoughts and feelings I believe the Devil sometimes puts into my mind.  I am so sad, so angry, feeling so alone at times.

Our society is changing and there is much more freedom and opportunity for girls than there was when I was her age.  While this is a positive thing, it also can have negative effects.  Society begins to accept that everything which once was seen as strange and wrong is actually okay.  And I don’t completely disagree with this thinking.  I do, however, also know that sometimes when someone thinks they are “different” and that this is “okay”- they are completely mistaken.  There are documented cases of regret. Also suicides.  I believe that my daughter has been tragically mislead.  I am angry with the internet.  With the sometimes crazy voices which are always so loud and so “right”.  I am angry with our society which accepts her thinking as correct, when I know in my heart of hearts who she is.  I am so upset with the lumping together of people with sexual attraction differences and those who are so uncomfortable in their own skin that they think they need to be the opposite of what they were created to be.  Sexual attraction and Body Dysphoria are two totally different personal situations, and yet they have been lumped together.

We are all just humans, trying to make our way through our lives on this earth.  To work, learn, eat, sleep and love.   Currently society has this need for labels about how we feel about ourselves, our bodies, and how we feel about others…heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, gay, straight, boy, girl.  Sometimes there doesn’t have to be any LABELS for how we are feeling…we just ARE.