The Pain of Being Real: Worth Reading, I Think.

I read an essay on The Establishment by a non-binary person explaining why they quit testosterone. There’s so much in it about race, the ways race and gender build on each other, and then feeling condescended to and feeling unseen, so there were experiences in it I could relate to and experiences I couldn’t. So much deep […]

via The Pain of Being Real — Words by Maria Catt


Rapid-onset gender dysphoria: New study recruiting parents

Please share this link! And please complete the survey if you have a child who has undergone rapid onset gender dysphoria. Finally there’s a professional gathering information about this.

It’s Not Hate. It’s Love and Concern.

A key trans-activist political tactic is to accuse pediatric transition skeptics of “hating” trans kids. Nothing could be further from the truth. Far from hating gender-defiant young people who have been labeled transgender by the important adults in their lives, our interest is in protecting them from drastic medical interventions. Many who contribute to 4thWaveNow […]

via Trans United Fund plays suicide & race cards to emotionally blackmail the balking masses — 4thWaveNow

Thanksgiving (Yes, I live in Canada)

What am I thankful for?  Not hurting anyone (other than a minivan and my truck) when I rearended another vehicle in traffic today.  My first ever accident in over 25 years of driving.  So much for a clean driving record now.

I am thankful for a supportive, caring, patient, kind, loving husband and life partner.  We are in this crazyness called life and family together forever.

I am thankful that my older daughter, who at a young age was painfully shy, has become a confident, smiling, intelligent young woman.

I am thankful for the times that my younger daughter smiles or laughs.

Thankful.  Even though going through all we are going through is very difficult.  Thankful. Because I know that God is there, walking alongside us, arms around us.

Closing this post for now.

Off for our first turkey dinner of the weekend 🙂